Water Damage in Scottsdale AZ

Do you have unexpected Water Damage but aren’t sure which water damage company in Scottsdale you should call? At Alpine Dream Clean, we completely understand the complexities that are involved in property drying following a disaster.

It is critical to quickly respond to water damage and flooding in order to avoid mold. And if you think there might be a mold issue, we do mold remediation as well. Our Scottsdale water damage cleanup team is fully equipped and trained to extract water out of your carpets 24 hours per day and 7 days a week.

Whenever you need a response immediately for a water damage emergency, we will be there to help you. We will arrive at your house quickly to start to dry out the areas that have been affected by rain, flood and other kinds of water damage. We have extensive experiencing in drying properties out of all conditions and sizes – from light levels of rain damage to water saturation at the structural level due to deep flooding.

​Our top priority is to get your property dried out as fast as possible and be restore it. Every single hour counts when there is water damage that needs to be dealt with. Immediately cleaning and drying out your property, significantly reduces the potential of the growth of mold.

Our specially designed water recovery tools and our truck mounted professional water extractor will pick up over 90% of the water that has accumulated in surfaces and carpet that leaves them damp and prepared for our drying process.

How fast do you guys get the job done?

Water Damage Repair Scottsdale

If you have had water damage to your business or home recently, you undoubtedly want to have things cleaned up, repaired, and up-and-running once again as soon as possible!

We totally understand!

That’s exactly the reason why our contractor team aims for same day response to all of the inquiries we receive. Call us today at (480) 384-9080 for the highest quality flood damage repair.

However, if you would like more information on our water damage restoration process, then we will be happy to provide you with our professional perspective to many of the frequently asked questions that people tend to ask.

How much does water damage restoration cost?

Usually, our estimates are slightly higher than an inexperienced company, but when you compare estimates usually it is very clear that there have been repairs that were missed and will leave you with repairs that might not be done properly, or even more importantly, are not guaranteed. Despite being extremely thorough, our prices are still quite competitive.

What are the most common things that cause water damage?

  • Overflowing from the dishwasher, washing machine or other household appliances
  • Leaky HVAC system
  • Severe weather – floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, rainstorms, etc.
  • Burst water heater
  • Leaky plumbing
  • Overflow from the shower or bathtub
  • Burst pipes
  • Leaky roof


We strategically place our professional drying system to blast high-velocity hot air over wet materials that remove the evaporated water. That is how we dry your property out in just a couple of days. All the materials that are part of your premises have specific properties whenever they are wet, so the drying must be considered carefully to ensure the area is dried thoroughly with a minimum amount of water damage.


What is water damage restoration?

Repair Water Damage Scottsdale

When it comes to repairing water damage, there are a couple of components that are involved. There are three basics that the process can be classified into:

1. Abatement (water removal)
2. Deodorizing and cleaning
3. Registration

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Abatement – first, all of the excess water (both non-visible and visible) must be removed and the building must be thoroughly and completely dried out.

Cleaning and Deodorize – this specific part of the process focuses on getting the mess (grime and dirt) that is left behind cleaned up, and to prevent your walls, furniture, and floors from getting stained permanently. And then there is the smell! You need to something about that “yucky,” “moldy,” “musty,” or “wet-dog” smell that usually comes along with flood damage.

Even if you have a “clean water” flood that you are dealing with, it is still a difficult problem – so just imagine what it’s like when you have black water to deal with! (more about that later on).

Restoration – Summing up this part of the process is hard to do since it is all-encompassing. It always includes the first two steps above, which frequently involves using specialized professional equipment, in addition to highly trained and experienced technicians to ensure it is done correctly.

Restoration is also synonymous with the “reconstruction” or “repair” process, which can include everything from carpet replacement, carpet cleaning, aesthetic damage of light touch-ups of water sports to more extensive structural repairs such as replacing drywall, walls, and subfloors. We will restore as much as we can back to previous conditions, and while we can’t perform miracles, we’ve had great success in getting pretty close!

Is it really necessary for flood damage to be repaired?

 Water Damage Repair Service Scottsdale

Yes, is the short answer. Anytime there is a flood – whether it is a natural disaster or one of the reasons that were discussed above – it is crucial to get it cleaned up and repair the damage as quickly as possible.

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There are both financial and sanitary reasons to do this.

Let’s start with the place where a majority of individuals based their decisions on – their wallet. If you don’t get flood damage repaired quickly, and it will end up getting worse and be more expensive to repair. The faster you are able to get things dried out and replaced, the less of a chance that there will be moisture that will cause your structure to have more rot, or to develop a mold problem that is potentially quite expensive.

From a health perspective, avoiding mold problems is a good enough reason to act quickly following a flood event. However, there as are other reasons besides mold.

Depending on what type of water has caused the damage, there is also the potential for there to be hazardous waste present. So how can you know? Most often, there isn’t any way of knowing whether or not you have a toxic or hazardous situation on your hands. Even if you know what the 3 main categories of water are – Clean water (Category 1), Grey Water (Category II) and Black Water (Category III), but how can you know for sure what kind of water you have to deal with? If you are dealing with a natural flood event, what about runoff from the rivers, factories, farms, or sewers nearby, that may be polluted or contaminated?

The bottom line is, it is practically impossible to be 100% sure that your situation isn’t potentially hazardous.

How much does water damage cost to repair and what does my insurance cover?

Scottsdale Water Damage Repair

It is shown by some estimates that the average homeowners spend $1,100 to $4,100 to repair or restore water damage, with a national average being $2,600. Although, the expenses can skyrocket from that point, depending on what the extent of their damage is.

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Hiring a true professional from the very beginning is one thing you can do to lower the cost. If the job isn’t done properly and thoroughly the first time, you most likely will have mold problems to deal with or more extensive reconstruction expenses in the future.

Every insurance policy and every job is different. However, both renters and homeowners insurance cover most water damage repair – depending on the situation (for example, some insurance policies will not pay out if it is clear that no maintenance or neglectful maintenance has been done by the homeowner).

To find out what the costs are for your specific case, our contractors will need to come out and conduct a “Damage Assessment,” which is basically an estimation and inspection of the extent of your problem, and what they recommend needs to be done to fix the problem.

Your insurance will likely want to do a loss assessment of their own.

The good news is that we have many years of experience work with working with insurance companies and know how to assist you with getting everything that you can from your insurance policy.

Can I do the clean up myself or will a water damage restoration company need to be hired?

Scottsdale Repair Water Damage

We want to be clear that it is always best to have water damaged areas get cleaned up by a professional.

If you suspect that you have black or grey water, then we strongly recommend that you do not try to do the clean-up on your own.

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If the problem came from a natural disaster like a severe storm, hurricane, or flood, there might be electrical shorts or some sharp pieces of metal or glass around you that could cause you to become seriously injured. We strongly recommend that you do not try to do the clean-up on your own.

Make sure you use common sense and be aware of the fact that there are numerous hidden dangers with this kind of work.

However, we do understand that numerous individuals will take it on themselves, anyway. So because we do care about your safety, the following are a couple of professional tips that you can use to help to reduce your risks.

Steps that you can take:

– Before you try to do any kind of cleanup, you need to unplug everything and even consider turning the power off to your home at the breakers (there can always be electrical short that you don’t know about that can be very dangerous or perhaps even fatal if you are standing in a wet area or flood).

– If you are able to connect with a safe source of electricity, a shop-vac or wet/dry vacuum can be used to try to get rid of some standing water.

– After eliminating the standing water, your floors and carpets can be steam cleaned in order to help prevent any permanent staining.

– The next step is to disinfect everything. Use your preferred household chemicals to do this. Finally, use industrial strength dehumidifiers and fans to drain all of the moisture out of the damaged area. If you don’t have professional techniques and equipment to use, then that might take several days (which will depend on the water), and you still might not be able to get everything completely dry.

Those steps do not start to address the potential reconstruction or repair that might be necessary even once the initial damage has been mitigated. We strongly recommend that you have experienced professionals take care of this step since it is critical to ensure the building’s structural integrity – whether it is a business or home.

Why take a big risk? Have your property professional inspected and serviced today!