Are You Embarrassed By Your Dirty Couch And Chairs? Restore The Bright Colors Of Your Upholstery, Instead Of Replacing Your Furniture!

Upholstery Cleaning Service in Scottsdale AZ & Phoenix Metro

Does your furniture look and smell like the dogs have been sleeping on it for years? Do you hide the dirty upholstery under covers before guests come over? Alpine Dream Clean in Scottsdale, AZ can help you throw off the covers and restore the bright colors of your furniture.

No matter how detailed the pattern, or how bright the colors, we can clean it. Our prices are competitive and we back our work with our full-quality guarantee.

Have other cleaning services told you they can’t clean your furniture? Alpine Dream Clean can clean it. We can clean microfibers, remove stains, get out body oils, ink, blood, remove pet hair and urine, and pretty much anything that stains upholstery and furniture. We don’t walk away from light-colored fabrics or exotic materials – we have the tools to get them clean.

We use low moisture tools and our turbo-fans to get the job done fast. You can schedule us to do a couch cleaning in Scottsdale at noon, and it will be dry before the kids walk through the door after school.

Our technicians aren’t afraid of a little hard work. We hand-detail those hard-to-reach spots like nooks, crannies, around the piping, and in the curves of your furniture. If our tools can’t reach it, our hands can.

Do you want your furniture to stay clean longer? Our optional fabric protector helps keep your upholstery stain free. It resists stains, spilled drinks, and even body oils. Your furniture stays fresh and clean for years.

Why are we so confident?

We have 20 years of experience cleaning the toughest upholstery problems you can imagine. If your furniture looks awful and smells just as bad, we can fix it before your guest arrives. Alpine Dream Clean in Scottsdale does the jobs our competitors avoid.

When we walk out of your home, your furniture will look great, smell fresh, and the fabrics will feel as fresh as new sheets on your bed.

Upholstery Cleaning Scottsdale

We are upholstery cleaners of:

  1. Couches
  2. Sofas
  3. Love Seats
  4. Sectionals
  5. Chairs (fabric, leather, etc.)
  6. Mattresses


Fast Drying, with Maximum Fabric Stain Resistance Protection

Scottsdale Upholstery CleaningWe know your family wants to lounge on the couch and kick-back in the recliner tonight to watch a little TV. That’s why we use low moisture tools and set up commercial fans to get your furniture dry fast. Your furniture can be ready in hours, instead of waiting days for it to dry.

Have you tried to vacuum and clean your furniture, but could never get into all of those tiny little areas? Furniture comes in many different styles, with many styles providing cleaning challenges. Tight curves, grooves, piping, and hard to reach areas may be tough to clean, but we know the tricks. Our experienced crew will get your furniture clean in every nook and cranny.

Our process starts with dry vacuuming your furniture, a step our competitors skip. Take a close look at your furniture. Do you notice the dirt, crumbs, and other debris? If you add moisture to that mix, you get a wet soggy mess that soaks further into the upholstery. We make sure all of the dirt, dust, pet hair and crumbs are gone before we start the deep cleaning, to make sure your furniture is absolutely clean when we finish.

Do you want your freshly cleaned upholstery to stay clean longer and resist stains? Our optional 3M Scotchgard fabric protection helps to repel the dirt, spills, and body oils that soiled your upholstery before. We can restore the stain resistance your upholstery had the day you bought it. When a spill occurs, you will be able to quickly wipe it up and keep your furniture looking great. Request the Scotchgard fabric protector when you schedule your cleaning, or ask your technician. We will take great care in getting your upholstery protected.