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Alpine Dream Clean provides commercial businesses in the Scottsdale, Greater Phoenix metro, and surrounding Valley areas with outstanding commercial air duct cleaning services, dryer vent cleaning, and much more.


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Business Offices and Clinics

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Great for businesses with many employees, apartments, dorms, condos, and restaurants.

Whether you operate a cafeteria, hospital, hotel, or restaurant, the fair pricing, attention to your needs, and thorough work provided by Alpine Dream Clean allow you to have peace of mind when it comes to managing the exhaust and duct cleaning needs of your facility.

The commercial air duct cleaning professionals from Alpine Dream Clean are qualified and fully trained in HVAC systems maintenance, restoration, and cleaning.

​We can handle all industrial and commercial buildings, and we have serviced numerous properties throughout Maricopa County for many years. We will work closely with you to get a commercial duct cleaning plan developed that services the specific needs of your factory, hospital, restaurant, school, or office


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We offer the following Commercial Services:

commercial air conditioner cleaning Scottsdale

  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Industrial Exhaust Duct Cleaning
  • Commercial HVAC Duct Cleaning
  • Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning​
  • HVAC Cleaning
  • HVAC (Furnace) installation and service


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  • HVAC Restoration
  • HVAC Inspection
  • Air Duct Balancing
  • Non-toxic Cleaning
  • Duct Replacements
  • Tune-Ups & Maintenance
  • Free Estimates

Clean Air = A More Productive Workplace

Scottsdale Commercial HVAC Duct Cleaning

At Alpine Dream Clean, we understand how important it is for your commercial property to have clean air for its occupants. Our professional team of office personnel, inspectors, technicians, and installers are ready and prepared to help you with whatever Air Duct issues you might have, no matter how small or large they are.

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A healthy and happy workplace helps to make a profitable workplace. Since office workers spend around 60% of their time indoors, heated and cooled air gets transported from one space to the next via the air ducts and ventilation system.

Harmful allergens and germs and accumulate inside of the ducts. When your system is used, those dangerous molecules may be transmitted across your entire office. Help to reduce sick days and keep employees healthy by getting your commercial ventilation system cleaned.

Our Process

Scottsdale Commercial Duct Cleaning Company
One of our industrial and commercial air duct cleaning specialists will come out to your work site. We will then examine your system to determine your industrial or commercial property’s needs, and work with you to get a plan developed that will accommodate all of your building’s requirements.

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In addition, we will review with you a detailed checklist that guarantees and reviews industrial or commercial ventilation duct cleaning standards for your building.

After all of your concerns have been addressed, one of our commercial property specialists will work closely with you to get an affordable quote established along with a reasonable time frame for providing the service. Your quote will clearly detail the price, labor requirements, and completion time, so there won’t be any surprises mid-way through the job. Once our services are completed, we will follow-up with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the services you have received.

All of our professional Commercial Duct Cleaning technicians undergo rigorous and continuous training for servicing both industrial and commercial properties. We are insured, bonded, and licensed, so you can rely on trained, qualified and certified air duct cleaning professionals to deliver industrial ventilation and commercial ventilation cleaning services for your property.

A Laser Focus On Quality

Scottsdale Air Duct Cleaning Commercial

Expert air duct cleaning services are provided by Alpine Duct Cleaning with a laser focus on quality. All of our conscientious managers and technicians have a zero compromise standard when it comes to energy savings, air quality, fire safety and the health of your students, patients, family, customers, and workers.

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Allergens, dirt, dust, and other particulates within the environment accumulate inside of your HVAC system, which reduces how efficiently and effectively it can heat or cool your building. That results in your system needing to work harder and also affects the quality of the air that you breathe.

​Alpine Duct Cleaning is an industry leader in setting the standards for the highest quality HVAC cleaning. We clean all of the components thoroughly in addition to the ducts. That lowers your utility bills, reduces your risk of employee health problems, and provides a much cleaner working environment.

Whether you have a healthcare facility, retail store, office building, manufacturing facility, or another type of industrial or commercial property, Alpine Duct Cleaning can handle all of your facility maintenance responsibilities and work around your requirements and needs, so that you can focus on growing and running your business. As a pioneer of the best practices for duct cleaning services, our team gets the job done right, each and every time.

For any sensitive areas that you might have, we are fully trained in the containment of contamination and the unique needs and requirements of manufacturing, scientific, healthcare, and other environments where there is a demand for meticulous care.

We are very happy to provide our customers with education and information as well as any questions you might have so that you can make informed decisions on facility maintenance for your business.

High-quality Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services are provided by Alpine Duct Clean in Scottsdale, including the Phoenix and Maricopa County area. The commercial air duct cleaning services that we offer provides the necessary cleaning for various types of buildings – including both private and public buildings, government, restaurant, industrial, schools, and large businesses. We use the finest cleaning technology that is available and can meet all of the air duct cleaning needs that you have. All of the air duct cleaning technicians employed by Alpine Duct Clean are professionally trained and highly skilled.


Scottsdale Cleaning Air Duct Commercial

Especially valuable to apartment buildings, condos, and dorms:

Dryer vent cleaning removes buildup of lint in the vent to improve the dryer’s efficiency and protect your occupants from potentially dangerous fires.

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Thousands of occupants per year are treated for poisonous gas fume symptoms that back up into the building due to blocked dryer vents. Not to mention the over 10,000 structure fires per year. That’s a serious liability…

Don’t let your dryer become a fire hazard because it’s not cleaned regularly and properly. Call us today for a dryer vent inspection.


Commercial Cleaning Air Duct Scottsdale

AC Cleaning is vitally important in the hot Phoenix valley. The last thing you want on a 100-degree day is for your air conditioner to fail.

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Keep your trusty AC in tip top shape by getting the AC coils cleaned on an annual basis. Dust, pollen, and just plain gritty dirt can lodge itself in the coils and choke off the air flow – straining the air conditioner and increasing the likelihood of failure.

Even if it doesn’t fail, a clean air conditioner is efficient and therefore saving you money. For the low cost of an AC cleaning, you’d make that back in energy savings on your electrical bill over the course of a year.


We will deep clean your carpets, couches, chairs, and any other upholstered furniture, so that your room is just that much more liveable and enjoyable. You will feel good that the furniture that you have paid so much money for and spent hours cleaning every month is finally clean and free of dirt and dust that can lead to poor indoor air quality and also result in allergies.

We can do tile and grout cleaning for your bathroom and kitchens, or any other rooms that have been tiled. The tile grout will be bright white again, while the tile is all clean and sanitized so that you feel fresh and healthy in those rooms again.


Alpine Dream Clean provides Commercial Duct Cleaning Services in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and all over the East Valley – from Sun City to Cave Creek to Fountain Hills , all the way to Queen Creek, Chandler, Gilbert, & Mesa. Call us today!


  • Professional specialists that get the job done the right way, the first time
  • Affordable rates that fit the company budget
  • High-quality work to ensure that your indoor air is safer and cleaner – AND save money on energy bills
  • Wide service area if you’re searching for “commercial air duct cleaning” in Arizona
  • Top reviews and great reputation with many repeat customers

Let Alpine Dream Clean help you save money on energy bills, while allowing for better indoor air quality for your tenants, employees, and/or occupants to “breathe easy!”

We offer a free, no-obligation evaluation and estimate, so you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain for your family’s health and safety – along with lower energy bills. 


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