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Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Services

At Alpine Dream Clean, we specialize in offering professional rug cleaning services for our clients who have area rugs, as well as rare, unique, and exquisite oriental rugs. These valuable rugs need regular maintenance, and using standard cleaning techniques on an Antique, Persian or Oriental rug can damage it.

Alpine Dream Clean professionals have expertise in cleaning and caring for your beautiful Oriental, Persian, or Antique Rug. Along with rug cleaning services, we all provide our customers with rug repair and restoration.

To clean an Antique or Oriental rug effectively, it is very important for the cleaner to have an in-depth and thorough knowledge of the design of the rug from the initial knotting to its final touches. Most Oriental rugs have been handmade from start to finish which makes them an expensive purchase for average people. Due to the intricate design and high cost, it is essential for them to be properly taken care of. You cannot afford for a valuable rug to be mistreated and risk money-wasting issues like damaged edges and faded colors.

The rug cleaning process isn’t a simple one and there are a number of different factors that need to be considered before the task of cleaning a rug can be done. All questions must be answered and all of the various factors need to be consider before the cleaning and repair process can begin. The common factors that need to be considered are the kind of knots that the rug has, the origin of the rug’s dyes (artificial or natural), and the materials used.

When cleaning a rug, whether it was machine-made or has artificial dyes, it is recommended that machine exposure be minimized. Although it is much easier and simpler to clean with machinery, it is a lot rougher on the material and may cause permanent damage. This issue is avoided by Alpine Dream Clean by washing all Oriental and Persian rugs by hand to better control the delicate rug.

Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Scottsdale

In order to be completely aware of the best Oriental rug cleaning process to use, it is critical to thoroughly examine the rug. ‘Oriental rug’ is a very broad term, and quite often rug owners are not sure where their rug came from or how it was made. Therefore, an ‘Oriental’ rug can come from many different countries, with each having its own unique and specific weaving techniques. Fortunately, the originating details aren’t necessarily critical when determining the cleaning procedure to use. It has been noted by our experts that close inspection of the rug is sufficient; For instance, age will determine the proper technique. That is due to the fact that older fabrics tend to be brittle and require more attention, particularly if in previous years they weren’t well cared for.

After we know what kind of rug we are dealing with, we can then proceed to use our multi-faceted cleaning treatment. Due to our extensive experience within this industry, we aren’t surprised by the different kinds of reactions that rugs have to the products that are used. However, conditions will have different influences on the various materials and that is very important to consider. Every cleaning treatment that is done is customized and personalized for the specific rug. That is why there is no way to know how much work will need to be done until the rug has been assessed. In some cases, drying the rug are the final steps. However, in other cases, the rug might need to be recolored so that faded shades are restored.
Scottsdale Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning

Antique Rug Cleaning

Scottsdale Antique Rug Cleaning
Arguably antique rugs are one of the hardest rugs to clean since that material has a tendency to be hundreds of years old. Older fabric complicates the cleaning process since there are various age-related factors that need to be accounted for. Contemporary antique rugs, of course, do not have the same age-related challenges. However, the cleaning job still will require some restoration which will depend on the previous owners. The Alpine Dream Clean experts will not complete the cleaning process until the rug looks as beautiful as possible given its original state and age.


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